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Pushkar is a holy township for Hindus, located 11 kms. to the North-West of Ajmer. The attraction of this quiet, lakeside completion so fascinated the enormous Indian poet, Kalidas,that it found a place in his classic, Abhigyan Sakuntalam. The enormous Hindu epic of Mahabharat and Ramayana create reference to this religious place regard to be Adi Tiratha. substantiation points to its having exist all through fourth century B.C. lake in the harsh surrounds of a desert is no less than a miracle. 


The celebrity about the Creator God, Bramha describe the formation of this lake. When the devil Vajra Nabhakilleds Brahma's children, he in turn strike him with his weapon, a lotus blossom. Vajra Nabha die with the crash, and the petals of the lotus floor at three places. One of them is Pushkar, wherever a lake spring into being. Brahma is thought to have perform let go at this lake on Kartik Purnima (the complete moon day of the Kartik month), hallow the place. holy to Brahma, Pushkar boast of its temple devoted to him, which is no extra than one of its sort in the earth. A wet in the waters of Pushkar and respect at his holy place ensure rescue. So thousands gather to Pushkar to examine the rite on kartik Purnima, or on any of the four days previous it. The mainly famous is the BrahmaTemple, thought to be the only temple in the world devoted to this god.



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